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Welcome to Zenith Legal Consulting

30Legal advice for entrepreneurs and companies

Each lawyer at the Zenith Legal Law Firm guarantees individual, high-quality legal advice. We attach great importance to working together as partners. Your interests are the focus of our professional legal advice and legal representation. Our attorneys in our law firm focus on highest quality standards in legal work in extrajudicial proceedings and in court. As your lawyer, we thus achieve your legal and economic goals quickly and effectively. The offices of our law firm are centrally located in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt and Gruenwald. We will always advise you individually on your specific matter and are available for a short-term telephone appointment.

Lawyer Commercial Law
at Zenith Legal Recovery Consulting

Lawyers Germany in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Gruenwald – The lawyers of Zenith Legal Recovery Firm advise private individuals and companies all over Europe.

Our experienced and competent lawyers are also available for appointments in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

Business Law
Business law is the entirety of all legal norms relevant to the economy. Under this umbrella fall the economic constitutional law, the economic administrative law and the private economic law. The task of economic law is to regulate the relations of private economic actors among themselves and with the state.
Capital Markets Law
Capital market law covers topics arising in the course of business relations between financial service providers and private and business customers. Other aspects of banking and capital markets law concern the legal relationships between state institutions responsible for controlling the banking and credit institutions.
Company law
Stock Corporation Law – Law Firm
The lawyers of the Zenith Legal Recoveryfirm advise clients nationwide. Our clients include investors, stock corporations, management boards and supervisory board members. Stock corporation law in Germany is regulated by the German Stock Corporation Act.

Investment Fraud
In Germany, there were almost 8,000 cases of investment fraud recorded by the police in 2016. The number of unreported cases is much higher, however, as many of those affected do not consider legal action in the case of investment fraud. The lawyers of our law firm serve clients from all over Europe who have suffered losses, some of which have been considerable, due to investments abroad.
Investor protection
Investor protection is becoming increasingly important in our modern times. Investors have to realize that their investments do not develop as promised or are lost completely. Not rarely investors fall even cheats to the victim and turn to an lawyer in the investor protection right. But how is it around the investor protection in Europe really ordered? And who represents their interests apart from a lawyer in the case of dispute?
Warnings for Investors
We publish warnings about companies that are not entitled to provide financial services. Our warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone). we serve clients from all countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments.

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Banking and Capital Market Law
Our lawyers exclusively represent consumers and investors. Banks and providers of financial services and capital market products are not among our clients. A conflict of interests is therefore excluded.
Your lawyer will enforce claims for damages against banks, financial service providers, issuing houses, trustees and fund initiators on your behalf.
Lawyer Investment Law
We examine for you all the legal possibilities that arise in investment law. In particular, we support you in cases of suspected investment fraud and Internet fraud.
Our german lawyers in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt will help you with claims for additional contributions from distressed funds or if you are requested by the insolvency administrator to repay dividends.
Business and Company Law
The tasks of our lawyers include the representation of injured investors in banking and capital markets law who have suffered losses in the grey capital market.
We offer corporate law advice, representation of investor groups and the bundling of claims. Our lawyers will be pleased to offer you appointments for meetings throughout Europe.
Managing Director Zenith Legal Recovery mbH

Lawyer Randy Benefield

“The profession of a lawyer means more than winning a case or reaching a settlement.
It is about building personal relationships and achieving the client’s goals through competence and commitment.”


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